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ALL players wanting to try out for a NIVA team (non-travel, feeder, travel, limited travel, club, etc.) need to fill out JVA insurance paperwork before tryouts.  Click the "Medical Release" tab and follow the links/instructions to complete!

Check out these tabs for newly posted information:
*Travel tryouts and information meeting posted (updated 9-28-15)
*HS Club tryouts and information meeting posted (updated 9-28-15)
*Northridge feeder information meeting posted (updated 9-28-15)

Please check the information on the different divisions on the bottom of this main page as well as our FAQ page before emailing...we've tried to answer most questions on those pages.  Any dates we have finalized are posted above.  If your feeder tab is not updated, it means we haven't heard from your feeder head/parent rep about final dates and times yet.  As soon as we know that information, we will post on here and on our Facebook and Twitter.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us!  Thanks!

NIVA is proud to announce a partnership with P3 Training for sports acceleration. 
We have individual and group rates for NIVA players...click the link
P3 Training Info

NIVA has three different divisions:

Club/Non-Travel Feeder Programs

  • This division is comprised of teams for younger girls (3rd-8th grade) that do not wish to travel. These teams usually practice once a week and play in the local power league on 6 different Sundays from January to March. Each high school involved with NIVA runs their own feeder program under the guidelines of NIVA. Girls should look for information under the tab for the high school they will eventually attend. If your daughter's future high school does not run a feeder program through NIVA, you will play for the "Independent Feeder."
High School Club/Non-Travel
  • This division is for girls in high school that do not wish to travel. Once girls are in 9th-12th grade, IHSAA only allows them to play with 3 girls from their own high school on a team. For this reason, we have the high school club division where teams are comprised of girls from various high schools. High school coaches are not allowed to coach their girls out of season so do NOT use your high school's feeder tab for information. Instead, use the tab "High School Club." These teams usually practice once a week at Memorial High School and play in the local power league on 6 different Sundays from January to March
  • This division is for girls that wish to play at an elite level and make a serious time commitment to volleyball. There are travel teams in age groups 13s-14s-15s-16s-17s-18s. See the tab "Age Group Expectations" to find out for what age your daughter is eligible. For meeting and try-out information, use the "NIVA Travel" tab. These teams usually practice 3 times a week and play in various travel tournaments around the Midwest from January to June. Each travel team attends AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida, at the end of the season.
  • We also offer a "limited travel" program for girls that wish to make the commitment to an elite team but with a shorter season.  These teams play from January and end before spring break.  This is a program for girls that want the high level of competition and extra practices but cannot play through June.  We offer limited travel in age groups 12s-13s-14s-15s-16s-17s-18s

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