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High School Club


All players and coaches must fill out this JVA inusrance paperwork online BEFORE TRYOUTS!  Your daughter will be held from practices until this is completed!



High school club is a division of NIVA open to 9th-12th graders that want to continue to work on their volleyball skills in the off-season but do not wish to dedicate as much time and money to volleyball as the travel program requires.  

Once in 9th grade, only 3 players from a high school can be on a team in the offseason.  
Players in 9th-11th grade also cannot play for anyone that coaches at their high school.  
*12th graders do not count towards the rule of 3 or for playing for their high school coaches.

Below are some Q & A to help you understand more about our HS Club division:

How are teams picked?
Players are evaluated at tryouts and ranked according to skill, attitude and hustle.  Your grade does not matter and is not taken into account when teams are chosen.

We also have to pay attention to make sure each team gets all the positions they need to play and we don't have more than 3 girls from a high school.

Do you make cuts?
We haven't had to make cuts in the last 13 years.  We make every effort to find enough coaches for all girls to make a team.  The only time we would do that is if we have more girls than we have qualified coaches.

How many girls are on a team?
Our goal is 8-10 players but we can have up to 12 in order to make sure all girls have a spot.

Who picks the teams?
The high school club coaches pick the teams.  Team 1 coaches get their pick first of the top players they want and then team 2 and so on.

Who are the coaches?
We have college players, ex-club and travel players, local professional athletes and adults that play on travel volleyball teams.

Where do they practice?
All practices are at Elkhart Memorial HS

When do they practice?
Sundays 5-7PM
(except holidays/special events)

What's the club's policy on playing time?
At the high school level, we do not guarantee equal playing time but every girl will play in tournaments.  Players with the best attitude, hustle, skill and practice attendance will get the most playing time but coaches will make sure everyone gets playing experience.

What are the play dates?
January 12th (intra-club scrimmage & picture day)
January 19th, January 26th, February 16th, February 23rd, March 8th

Where do they play?
Teams will play locally at area high schools and colleges.  We use Memorial HS, Goshen College, Northridge HS, etc.

How many games do they play?
Generally teams will play 3 matches on a tournament day so they will get a minimum of 18 matches this season.

How do we know the playing schedule?
The schedule is posted each week by Wednesday evening before a power league day.  The schedule is posted on our website under the tab "Power League Info."  Your coach will also communicate the schedule to you/the players.

What is expected of the coaches?
NIVA expects each set of coaches to train the girls in all volleyball skills and help them grow their game.  They are expected to have practice plans that push the players while helping them love the game and enjoy their experience.  They are expected to make game-time decisions for the best of the team while also caring about each player's individual growth.

What is expected of the players?
NIVA and the coaches expect players to be at all practices and games.  If a player is going to miss, they should communicate that with their individual team coach.  Every effort should be made to be at practices and games.  If attendance is an issue, the coach(es) may reduce playing time to keep it fair for other players.

Players are expected to come to practice and games ready to listen to their coaches and work hard.  In order to grow as volleyball athletes, they have to learn new skills and push themselves outside of their current abilities.



Tryout Number First Name Last Name Position Grade High School
178 Macy Adams OH 11th Jimtown
186 Kenlee Gall OH 9th Fairfield
230 Jayla Kie DS 11th Central
202 Alexis Leonard DS 10th Elkhart Memorial
196 Lauren Miller S 11th Bremen
174 KACIE MOHAN S 11th Northridge
184 Ashley Penzenik OH 10th Northridge
183 Rachel Phelan OH/MH 11th Riley
205 Izavela Roeun MH 9th Elkhart Memorial
200 Ella Weatherton MH 10th Fairfield
COACH Jason Mast
COACH Chrissy Mast
Tryout Number First Name Last Name Position Grade High School
226 Erika Aitchison DS 11th Penn
217 Alison Alden DS 10th Concord
198 Faith Bontrager OH 10th Fairfield
189 Madison Chupp OH 9th Elkhart Central
219 Rylee Floyd DS 11th Northridge
171 Maddie Garber S 10th Goshen
176 Abigail Nehring OH/RS 9th Mishawaka
25 Ollia Richards S 11th Central
209 Ava Robertson MH 9th Jimtown
182 Lydia Stamm OH 11th Bremen
188 Kyleigh Wilson OH/MH 11th Concord
COACH Ally Roskos
Tryout Number First Name Last Name Position Grade High School
190 Amber Boussaha OH 9th Elkhart Memorial
212 Marley Houin DS/S 9th Plymouth
222 Rachel Logan DS 11th Homeschool
200 Lauren Pace OH/DS 9th Marian
220 Zanae Quinn RS 10th Elkhart Memorial
239 Mirlande Reisacher OH 11th Jimtown
170 Tiffany Schmok S 9th Riley High School
204 Carson Stutzman RS 11th Fairfield
214 Aly Yeager MH 9th Clinton Christian
229 Skye Zilm MH 9th Concord
COACH Ava Kaylor
COACH Zoe Little-Wishmeier
Tryout Number First Name Last Name Position Grade High School
210 Briella Bianchini MH 9th Jimtown
201 Lilly Chapla MH 9th Penn
167 Brooklynn Collins RS 10th Goshen
168 Chole Collins DS 10th Goshen
180 Chloe Deppe S 11th Jimtown
175 Dallas Hammond RS 10th Mishawaka
177 Emily King RS 9th John Adams
233 Maya Newton DS 9th St. Joe
193 Erin Rudge S 9th St Joe
197 Kristi Tingwald OH 9th St. Joe
206 Myriah Wigfall MH 9th Marian
COACH Ann Kamp
COACH Cassandra Stouder
Tryout Number First Name Last Name Position Grade High School
181 Megan Anderson DS 9th Edwardsburg
225 Delani Cole RS 9th Mishawaka
165 Leah Eaton DS 11th Penn
166 Hailee Eaton S 10th Penn
238 Jenna Harman OH 9th Penn
216 Adriana King MH 10th Elkhart Central
236 Alexis Kryder RS 11th Elkhart Central
169 Julia Maina DS/S 9th Adams
194 Daytriana Nolen OH 11th Homeschool
199 Maria Papandera S 9th Northridge
185 Kara Springman OH 10th Homeschool
218 Taya Wagner DS 9th Plymouth
COACH Abbey Evanoff
COACH Abbey Newberry
Tryout Number First Name Last Name Position Grade High School
179 Rocio Alvarez MH 9th Career Academy
221 Maryann Cintron OH 9th Concord
173 Olivia Harringer S 9th Elkhart Memorial
208 Kylie Hatfield MH 10th Bremen
100 Grace Hover DS 9th Penn
237 Lexi Karagiannis MH/RS 10th ECA
195 Abby Koloszar OH/MH 10th Mishawaka
213 Natalie Mercado DS 9th Elkhart Memorial
215 Kamari Moore OH/MH 10th Career academy
232 Hailey Temple DS 9th Elkhart Memorial
207 carli trimmer OH 9th Concord
223 Haley Wild RS/OH 10th Elkhart Central
COACH Tim Keyser



Sunday, December 1st Tryouts 1-4pm EMHS
Sunday, December 8th Practice 5-7pm EMHS
Sunday, December 15th Practice 5-7pm EMHS
Sunday, December 22nd Practice 5-7pm EMHS
Sunday, December 29th Practice 5-7pm EMHS
Sunday, January 5th Practice 5-7pm EMHS
Sunday, January 12th Intraclub scrimmage & picture day TBA TBA
Sunday, January 19th Power League Tournament TBA TBA
Sunday, January 26th Power League Tournament TBA TBA
Sunday, February 2nd Practice 5-7pm EMHS
Sunday, February 9th Practice 5-7pm EMHS
Sunday, February 16th Power League Tournament TBA TBA
Sunday, February 23rd Power League Tournament TBA TBA
Sunday, March 1st Practice 5-7pm TBA
Sunday, March 8th Power League Tournament TBA TBA