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Power League Info

Our 2019-2020 season has ended. 

We will start the 2020-2021 season next fall.  Please check back in October for dates/times on information meetings and tryouts!


How to read the schedule:

1. Teams play in pools of 3, 4, 5 or 6 varies each week 

2.  To find out where you play:

  • Find your team name (coach last name or name you picked) on the schedule
  • The top of the column your team is in shows what location you play, what age division the pool is and how many teams are in your pool

3. To know what your play schedule is:

  • Once you find your team name, look at the top left corner of your section to see what time your pool will start
  • All the teams listed vertically in your column are in your pool for that day 
  • You will play each team one match
    • 4-6 teams will play best of 3 (25/25/15) as much as possible.  
    • 3 team pools will play 3 games to 25 to get the same amount of play
    • If games/warmups are taking too long, some sites may cut out the 3rd game or make games to 21 points to help save time. 
    • The intraclub scrimmage may not follow these guidelines as we need to keep up with the picture schedule
  • The far left column shows you what your team number is for the day
  • The actual play schedule (when you ref, play, sit, etc.) is below the team names
    • find the schedule that fits the amount of teams that are in your pool 
      • schedules are different for a 3 team pool, 4 team pool, etc. so make sure you find the correct one
    • if your team number is not listed during a time frame, you sit during that match
    • we do NOT guarantee start times for all matches, just the very first one of the day.  After that, games will keep moving along as soon as the one before ends...we just list times as a "general" guideline

4.  Look below the playing schedule to see the rules on all the playing sites...if it says no outside food or cooler allowed, please respect that. We have to follow the requests of the schools or we can lose the use of their gym.

5.  Contact your coach or parent rep with any further questions!